Happy Birthday Mary Anning

Mary Anning

Mary Anning

May 18th & May 19th

Visitors to Lyme Regis Museum will have the opportunity to see a fantastic display of rarely seen fossils as well as learn more about the creatures that swam the Jurassic seas in the age of the dinosaurs.

Local scientists will be here with their ‘hands on’ fossil collections, so you can learn all about finding fossils in Lyme Regis. There will also be a talk given by Tom Sharpe of the National Museum of Wales and an expert on the life of Mary Anning at 2.30pm in the Museum on Saturday 18th May.

The museum will also be running its fabulous fossil polishing, this will give visitors the chance to prepare and take away their own Jurassic treasure. Fossils start at pocket money prices but larger ammonites will be available for the more ambitious.

On Saturday, May 18th the Lyme Regis Museum is open for free.

Visitors can also sign up for a ‘Mary Anning Walk’, and walk in Mary’s steps with Natalie Manifold as she guides you through Mary’s life in Lyme.

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