The Lyme Regis MUSEUM, LYME REGIS, DORSETThe lively local history and development of Lyme Regis, is represented by a collection of maritime and historic artifacts at The Lyme Regis Museum. These include stories, paintings and prints together with maritime and domestic objects.Access for disabled visitors. Lyme Regis Museum is housed in a magnificent idiosyncratic historic building of true architectural splendor. It was built in 1900 by Thomas Philpot and has recently been completely renovated. It stands next to Lyme’s magnificent Guildhall. Both buildings are worth, in themselves, a visit. The history of Lyme Regis unveiled.You are greeted with a surprise vision whenever you step through a doorway, pass along a passageway or climb stairs.

  • A well surrounded by a circular banister supported by wrought iron work.
  • A suspended bell in the well, you are surrounded by exhibits and in front of you another inviting doorway to another exhibitions.
  • A circular stairway invites you to climb the tower.
  • A view from a balcony unto a 3 dimensional construction representing cliff strata and the countryside, below that, cases exhibiting fossils and local memorabilia.


  • A constructed two masted boat, pottery and other artefacts.
  • This exhibit is an example of Tudor furniture.
  • Look around Lyme Regis, you will see remarkable resemblances in some of the buildings’ interiors to that of cabins on ancient maritime boats.
  • The museum has information on the history of wreckers in Lyme Regis.
  • An ancient historic fire engine complete with wheels and pumps.