Anning Road play park and Field

Anning Road Playing Fields is a recreational area located in the vibrant town of Lyme Regis, in the West Dorset district of the English county of Dorset. The history of this popular playground dates back to the 20th century when the field was used for agricultural purposes. The land on Anning Road was purchased by the council in 1936, and the first layout of the Playing Fields was completed in 1938. The original design included a football field, a bowling green, and a pavilion for players and visitors. During World War II, the playing fields were used by the military, and the area was heavily damaged.

After the war, the council began a series of reconstruction works, refurbishing the pavilion and adding new facilities for the benefit of visitors. Over the years, the playing fields have been significantly expanded with the development of additional sporting facilities, such as tennis courts, netball courts, and a children’s playground.


The name “Anning Road” is derived from the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning, who lived in Lyme Regis in the early 19th century. Mary Anning is known for her remarkable discoveries of ancient and prehistoric fossils in the cliffs of the town, which have contributed significantly to the study of paleontology. The Anning family was a well-respected family in Lyme Regis, and it seems fitting that the playing fields bear the name of such an influential and groundbreaking individual. The Anning Road Playing Fields today is a popular recreational area for visitors, tourists, and locals alike. It is situated in a beautiful location, surrounded by lush greenery, and the views of the Jurassic Coastline are breathtaking. The playing fields provide a safe and welcoming environment for people of all ages to participate in their chosen activities.


The facilities at Anning Road Playing Fields include a full-size football field that is frequently used by local clubs and visiting teams. A well-maintained bowling green offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing game of bowls, and the tennis courts provide a place for enthusiasts to practice their skills.

Anning Road Playing Fields is also home to a children’s playground, which offers safe and fun play equipment for children of all ages. The playground is located in a fenced area away from the playing fields, providing a safe environment for children to play and explore.


The pavilion at Anning Road Playing Fields provides a place for visitors and players to relax and refresh. The pavilion is equipped with changing rooms, shower facilities, and a refreshment kiosk. The pavilion is a popular spot for groups to socialize after their games or activities.

In conclusion, Anning Road Playing Fields is a vital part of the cultural and recreational landscape of Lyme Regis. It has provided a place for people to come together and enjoy sports and other activities for almost a century. The playing fields are a testament to the town’s history and provide a beautiful setting for people to relax and enjoy some of the best views of the Jurassic Coastline in England. The ongoing maintenance and development of Anning Road Playing Fields demonstrate the commitment of the council and the community to providing excellent facilities for locals and visitors to enjoy for many years to come.

Location: Anning Road Playing Field, Lyme Regis, Anning Road, DT7 3ED