This is a tourist guide to The SOUTH WEST of ENGLAND.

You will see the interesting places to visit and the numerous activities, pastimes, hobbies, recreations and sports for the child, adult and the family group.

There are engaging attractions for the adventurer, angler, animal lover, antique collector, archaeologist, art lover, artist, author, bird watcher, boat tripper, botanist, cave man, cinema go’er, climber, crafts enthusiast, culturist, cyclist, days gone by enthusiast, diver, fisherman, fitness fanatic, gardener, geologist, golfer, gourmet, health fanatic, hiker, historian, horse rider, mountaineer, naturalist, novelist, orienteerer, pot holer, potter, railway enthusiast, rambler, sailor, site seer, skier, solace seeker, smuggler, sportsman, steam enthusiast, surfer, swimmer, tennis player, theatre go’er, tourist, walker, window shopper and the wine lover.

You will also find where to eat, drink and sleep, how to travel.
A visit is very worth while in summer, autumn, winter and spring, either for a day excursion, a short break or longer holiday stay.